cass 3

Feminizing A Sissy Slut

Mush mind, mush mind! I say when I hear her voice on the phone. Her phone sex fantasy is to come over when a few of my girlfriends are there for a total makeover. It’s either a cheerleader, a ballerina, a schoolgirl, but today it was a complete cock sucking bimbo sissy. The girlier we glam her up, the more of a bimbo she becomes, then her brain totally turns to mush when her lipstick goes on. We never question why. Perhaps an allergy? Perhaps at the same time we also put on her huge DD breast forms to go under her custom printed t-shirt that says “B.J Barbie”. Here mantra is “Fuck my face, it’s no disgrace” !

Warmed Up With A Strap On

So on this call, as usual I have invited some male friends to come over to enjoy sissy and give her some ass penetration. Being broken in with strap ons early on, she is ready for some cum and fun. After the makeover, the bimbo sissy tits, and finally the big trigger….that lipstick, the doorbell rings.

Little Chicken Sissy

It must be the real men with their rope to tie her on the coffee table and then take advantage of every little sissy hole. Yes I say, and….but alas, there is the click. Sometimes but very few times, I have gotten her to carry on with it, even a little bukkake.


Mistress Cassandra