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Femdom Supremacy Humiliation

The Weaker Sex? YOU!

What is Femdom? What is Female Supremacy? Combine these two and you have a potent cocktail. Why am I more superior to you? I’ll tell you in a nutshell.

Indoor Plumbing

Women are biologically superior having our plumbing inside. You can never humiliate a woman by saying her vagina . . . → Read More: Femdom Supremacy Humiliation

A Small Cock Holiday

The Dressed Up Peepster

So I guess you thought I forgot about you? No way loser dick. Just yesterday I posted on my main blog about small penis adornment. Perhaps you should go and read that and imagine being the CFNM minus dick at the party. Do you like the idea of having . . . → Read More: A Small Cock Holiday

Chastity Humiliation

Chastity Slave’s Crushed Ego

 A man in a chastity cage:  What’s so humiliating about it? Everything! His ego is stripped down, and his cock no longer belongs to him. A Mistress will make it known to everyone that he is bound up in a metal chastity cage. She will display the key around . . . → Read More: Chastity Humiliation