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No Masturbation May For You

Do Not Touch

This is Masturbation May, but not for you. If you landed on this site, I have the pleasure to introduce to you Masturbation Denial May. Why? Cuz I say so, and if you grovel and crawl hard enough, I may allow you three little edges, maybe.

Chastity Time

I think . . . → Read More: No Masturbation May For You

Humiliating the Stuffed Turtle Fucker

You’re probably thinking you read the title wrong.  Humiliating the stuffed turtle fucker?  WTF?  Yeah, that’s what I thought when the little humiliation slut revealed his secret to me.

Humiliating Pictures of the Stuffed Turtle Fucker

Since I seemed surprised at his revelation, the stuffed turtle fucker decided he should send me photo evidence . . . → Read More: Humiliating the Stuffed Turtle Fucker

Ball Humiliation With Clothespins

Bildo Or Bumbling Bill

I just love ball decoration with a humiliation slut. Ms Hunter and I had a great time watching “bill trainee”, who will have a new name as soon as we give it attention. I would like to name him “bildo” because of his love of butt plugs and dildos, . . . → Read More: Ball Humiliation With Clothespins

Dum Dum Is Now Trench Mouth

Queen Of Denial

The Evolution Of A Sissy

Dum Dum went beyond sissy expectations by presenting me with a plunger and a bowl cleaner which he was ordered to use both. Since the company already has a “plunger boy”, “Trench Mouth” is in order. The slut’s designated place of humiliation perversion is in . . . → Read More: Dum Dum Is Now Trench Mouth

Worthless Crotch Sniffer Humiliated in Front of Friends

You’ve waited for this night for weeks- the chance to finally be my date at a party with friends.  You’re shocked I even asked you.  After all, it’s not like we are dating or anything.  You’re new in town and as a favor to a friend, I offered you a place to live for . . . → Read More: Worthless Crotch Sniffer Humiliated in Front of Friends

Valentine’s Day Humiliation

Valentine’s Day Humiliation

So, it’s Valentine’s Day.  It’s not likely you’ve got a woman who can’t wait to spend it with you, so what are you going to do?

At first, it used to be humiliation enough to realize year after year that you are still alone and the chances of you finding . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Day Humiliation

Coming Soon! Dunce of the Week

Fucktard Of The Week

Ms Hunter and I have been “interviewing” losers who love to be featured on our blog. Would you like to be dunce of the week? Arrange a call with both of us…that’s right dum dum, make an appointment and gear up. As I have a featured fucktard on my . . . → Read More: Coming Soon! Dunce of the Week

What Is Humiliation To Mistress Cassandra?

Disguises and Punishments for Dum-Dums

Types of Humiliation

This post goes into what I dish out in my programs. There are many forms of humiliation fantasies. There are many boys dialing for humiliation, and the fantasies vary from boy to boy even if the fantasy is of the same genre.

* small penis . . . → Read More: What Is Humiliation To Mistress Cassandra?

Loser Affirmations

What a Loser you are!

You are not a real man.  You aspire to be a real man someday, but that is never going to happen.   You could NEVER be a real man, no matter how hard you try and it’s high time you are reminded of that!

Daily Mantra

Every morning . . . → Read More: Loser Affirmations