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Bildo And The Dunce Cap

Any Excuse To Humiliate Bildo

Give me any excuse to blog about humiliation and I will. This cannot be contained….bildo, Ms Hunter, Ms Cassandra. Imagine that trio. Imagine bildo on Skype stuffing his little sissy butt with a butt plug because he was ordered to. It’s the next best thing to a strap . . . → Read More: Bildo And The Dunce Cap

Ball Humiliation With Clothespins

Bildo Or Bumbling Bill

I just love ball decoration with a humiliation slut. Ms Hunter and I had a great time watching “bill trainee”, who will have a new name as soon as we give it attention. I would like to name him “bildo” because of his love of butt plugs and dildos, . . . → Read More: Ball Humiliation With Clothespins

Cue Ball Humiliation

Get A GOOD Toupe At Least?

I’ll never forget this dentist I had who wore a toupe. It’s like, just go bald and at least shave your head? Don’t you have any pride? On “top of that”, he had an accent from somewhere in Transylvania…uhhh ok. So with this example, I would come . . . → Read More: Cue Ball Humiliation

Do your Moobs Hang Low?

There are few things about a man I find more disgusting than man-boobs.  Those floppy, flabby, unsightly pockets of flesh sagging off your chest are hideous.  Real men have nice, hard, muscular chests, so right off the bat, it is clear that you aren’t a real man.  Of course, real men also have big . . . → Read More: Do your Moobs Hang Low?