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Sploshing Humiliation Fun

Sploshing is Messy Humiliation

Sploshing is gaining cult status as the new genre of humiliation. What can be more humiliating than adding a food fetish to a bukkake humiliation session. A sissy called me with a whole menu of sploshing items. Food fetish is new to this boi, and the whole story is on . . . → Read More: Sploshing Humiliation Fun

Bildo And The Dunce Cap

Any Excuse To Humiliate Bildo

Give me any excuse to blog about humiliation and I will. This cannot be contained….bildo, Ms Hunter, Ms Cassandra. Imagine that trio. Imagine bildo on Skype stuffing his little sissy butt with a butt plug because he was ordered to. It’s the next best thing to a strap . . . → Read More: Bildo And The Dunce Cap

Ass Boy On Cam…Wam Bam Thank You Maam…..

Queen Of De Nile

Sissy Stripper

Hey ass boy…here it is your humiliation outing as said I would, not promised. Cam show last night to Blue Danube Waltz, yes ass boy was waltzing his ass with 4 different dildos with the goal of eating his cum off of the biggest and the blackest. . . . → Read More: Ass Boy On Cam…Wam Bam Thank You Maam…..

Humiliating the Stuffed Turtle Fucker

You’re probably thinking you read the title wrong.  Humiliating the stuffed turtle fucker?  WTF?  Yeah, that’s what I thought when the little humiliation slut revealed his secret to me.

Humiliating Pictures of the Stuffed Turtle Fucker

Since I seemed surprised at his revelation, the stuffed turtle fucker decided he should send me photo evidence . . . → Read More: Humiliating the Stuffed Turtle Fucker

Dum Dum Is Now Trench Mouth

Queen Of Denial

The Evolution Of A Sissy

Dum Dum went beyond sissy expectations by presenting me with a plunger and a bowl cleaner which he was ordered to use both. Since the company already has a “plunger boy”, “Trench Mouth” is in order. The slut’s designated place of humiliation perversion is in . . . → Read More: Dum Dum Is Now Trench Mouth

Splosh on Cam for Us

Humiliate yourself on Cam for Ms. Cassandra & Ms. Hunter

You want to masturbate for us.  You want to go on cam for us.  But why would we want to watch another pathetic loser with a puny pecker?  Losers like you are a dime a dozen.  So what are you going to do . . . → Read More: Splosh on Cam for Us