Sploshing is Messy Humiliation

Sploshing is gaining cult status as the new genre of humiliation. What can be more humiliating than adding a food fetish to a bukkake humiliation session. A sissy called me with a whole menu of sploshing items. Food fetish is new to this boi, and the whole story is on my main blog.

Sploshing Humiliation Fun: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Sploshing Items Diversity

A disgusting collection of wet food, not disgusting on it’s own but in combination together such as chocolate cream pie and baked beans…yuck! Imagine that on your little penis, a wet mix of slippery and sticky food as Mistress orders you to jack your pathetic dick.

Sploshing Dexter Style

Sploshing is good on web cam to view the mess. One boy actually covered his floor and walls with plastic ala Dexter. More fun would be to order the humiliation submissive to tear down the sheets and clean the mess up by hand while Mistress watches on Skype. He can lick the mix while at it and flounder around on it like a beached whale for humiliation laughs.

Sploshing Fag Style

This is my big wish. To have two sploshers together on cam with an overhead splosh bucket ala Carrie. Upon my demand the bucket is released overhead to pour all over the fags. At this point they take a photo for me, and I order them to post it on Tumblr where it can be viewed all over the world. Then I get to see their private show of them splosh-fagging on the floor, as I genuinely laugh and order them to give me a coached bi fag show. Who will volunteer for this? Good question since most boys who call would love to suck cock but “just do not have the balls.”

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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