The Demanding Demeanor Of A Spit Roasted Sissy

Spit roasted humiliation sluts have become very demanding with their faggy bi needs. It’s not enough with two Mistresses using the biggest and thickest strap on action for these little hungry cock whores, it has to be real cock. Then they will get it in phone sex fantasy and real add trolling reality.

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Vulgar Is All I Can Say

There is nothing new with spit roasted sessions. Back when and still is, known as both ends pegging is more interesting with this name of course because it connotes vulgarity and a rose by any other name, after all. In this case there is nothing sweet about it, not at least the way I see it or would dish it out. The biggest and baddest dicks with a girlie boi “roaster” all dressed up in the most outrageous sissy clothes. Of course since the genre of spit roasting is named after roasting methods of meat, this sissy would of course eat his own cum along with the cum of others. If he is allowed to cum that is!

A Bukkake Roaster

Are you a “roaster” I like to call them if you are? Bukkake has it’s home in this humiliation genre. After a boy is spit roasted, there must be a grand finale after he is spent, and the skin on his lips is raw. When his roasted butt hole can take no more, he needs a dozen loads of cum covering his exhausted but sexually satisfied body.

It’s probably best to be completely naked at the event, but I would order a full on white frilly sissy dress to hallmark the mess, then a photo event for the most humiliating sissy memory. I’m sure it will never be forgotten!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800730-7164