Sissy Dress

Frilly Sissy Dress

You are NOT a real man.  You couldn’t be a real man if you wanted to.  You have a tiny dicklette, you are needy, whiny, and neurotic to the bone.  So why would we even pay any attention to you? Because it is entertaining to us to turn you into a sissy and then humiliate you for being one.

Sissy Dress-Up

pink rumba panties

Pink Rumba Panties

Ms. Cassandra and I will dress you up in a variety of humiliating sissy outfits, ranging from lacy pink rumba panties to a full, pink, frilly sissy dress, complete with bonnet.  Little lacy ankle socks and shiny patent leather MaryJanes complete the outfit.  After you’re all dressed up, you’ll twirl in circles and curtsy in front of us and our Mistress friends like a good sissy gurl.

Sissy Accessories

Inflatable Butt Plug

Inflatable Butt Plug

There are a few accessories that are also a must.  A thick pink inflatable butt plug, for one.  You’ll also have the word “sissy” written in permanent pink marker across your forehead.  And we can’t forget the bright red lipstick now, can we?  Cocksucker red, of course.

Sissy Entertainment

After you’re all dressed and accessorized, you’ll have to entertain us by singing songs and dancing for us.   Next, you’ll move to the  the center of the room and get down on all fours as I pull down those rumba panties to display your pink inflatable butt plug.  Then we’ll write the word “slut” across your lower back, like a tramp stamp to be proudly displayed.

If we haven’t grown bored with you by this point, the next order of business is to bring in the real men to line up in front and behind  their little sissy fucktoy.

I bet you’re so excited just reading this that you’re ready to cream those panties, aren’t you?

What are you waiting for slut?  Give us a call.

(800) 601-6975


** The butt plug link is an affiliate link for the stockroom. If you decide to purchase the inflatable butt plug, I will receive a small stipend which will make me happy.  And it is all about making me happy, isn’t it? **