Sissy Cocksucker Report

Sissy Cocksucker Report

The Cocksucker Pet

Guess who is finally going to suck cock for Mistress? None other than fuckie fag boi, and extra detail is on my blog. I sure wish I could come along for the ride. Did I tell you where this sissy slut will suck cock for me? In the open city of Amsterdam. It will be in a very safe environment, being her virgin voyage, in the blue district. There, she will find a big dicked she male with large tits built to perfection. Absolutely, NO small dicks ever for this fag boi.

The Blue District Boi

I have been threatening for years to have this sissy out in the field. Now it will finally come to fruition. I know just what you want to ask. Will the sissy swallow cum? No. The sissy is ordered to use condoms at all times. This slut will be there for three days, so she will have 3 cocks to service. And , she is denied orgasm. The only rubbing of her sissy clit will be by her panty hose. This, she admits, excites her. Check my main blog for her blog link. This will be happening in the next few months after all of the shopping and preparation is finished.

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