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Humiliating the Stuffed Turtle Fucker

You’re probably thinking you read the title wrong.  Humiliating the stuffed turtle fucker?  WTF?  Yeah, that’s what I thought when the little humiliation slut revealed his secret to me.

Humiliating Pictures of the Stuffed Turtle Fucker

Since I seemed surprised at his revelation, the stuffed turtle fucker decided he should send me photo evidence . . . → Read More: Humiliating the Stuffed Turtle Fucker

Ball Humiliation With Clothespins

Bildo Or Bumbling Bill

I just love ball decoration with a humiliation slut. Ms Hunter and I had a great time watching “bill trainee”, who will have a new name as soon as we give it attention. I would like to name him “bildo” because of his love of butt plugs and dildos, . . . → Read More: Ball Humiliation With Clothespins

Tiny Hands Tiny Feet Tiny Dick Humiliation

Small Cock Accessory Shop?

Welcome to Mistress Cassandra’s accessory shop for men. I feature shoes and gloves of all kinds for discriminating clients who have tiny feet and hands. This saves them the humiliation of shopping in a conventional shop, a shop where the employees smirk when the shoe size is measured. But . . . → Read More: Tiny Hands Tiny Feet Tiny Dick Humiliation

Early Morning Entertainment from Little Dick Danny

I have a lot of callers with little dicks who love to humiliate themselves for me and little dick danny is no exception.  He has learned that the only way to get and keep the attention of a woman is to entertain her and make her laugh; even if it is at the expense . . . → Read More: Early Morning Entertainment from Little Dick Danny

A Little Cuckold Fun

Because Of Your Little Cock

I do mean little….very little. Your little cock. Small penis humiliation is secondary to the cuckold you are. I named this post in honor of how fun it is to humiliate a cuckold such as yourself, and you do appreciate that don’t you.

In The Beginning Was Porn . . . → Read More: A Little Cuckold Fun

Cue Ball Humiliation

Get A GOOD Toupe At Least?

I’ll never forget this dentist I had who wore a toupe. It’s like, just go bald and at least shave your head? Don’t you have any pride? On “top of that”, he had an accent from somewhere in Transylvania…uhhh ok. So with this example, I would come . . . → Read More: Cue Ball Humiliation

Have A Humiliating New Year

Happy Humiliation!!

You don’t think I would let the new year go by without a little snippet of humiliation, did you? Fond calls of humiliation do not work with the lyrics Auld Lang Syne….may old humiliation be forgot…etc etc etc. Nope, small penis humiliation, cuckold humiliation, sissy humiliation, ashtray humiliation all stay intact . . . → Read More: Have A Humiliating New Year

A Small Cock Holiday

The Dressed Up Peepster

So I guess you thought I forgot about you? No way loser dick. Just yesterday I posted on my main blog about small penis adornment. Perhaps you should go and read that and imagine being the CFNM minus dick at the party. Do you like the idea of having . . . → Read More: A Small Cock Holiday

stan the Humiliated Cuckold

I had a call the other day from a humiliated cuckold; a pathetic wimp named stan.  stan was upset because, apparently, he was the last to know that he was a cuckold.  That’s not to say there weren’t dozens of signs, right from the beginning, that he would end up a humiliated cuckold; there . . . → Read More: stan the Humiliated Cuckold

Heaps of Humiliation for tiny tim

Humiliation Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

Hear Me Read this Post

I was just thinking the other day, “I wonder what tiny tim has been up to?”  tiny tim is a humiliation slut who has called me quite a bit, though I haven’t heard from him lately.  He enjoys being degraded, humiliated, and put . . . → Read More: Heaps of Humiliation for tiny tim