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Dick Breath Jay-Me Is A Back Seat Betty



Dickbreath Calls Again

I just had the ultimate humiliation call with DICKBREATH Jay-Me, who was given a nice description of her sissy head bobbing up and down in the back seat of a car. The host was a real man wearing a wife beater t-shirt. Well, yes, there was a huge 10″ dick and a very large hand pushing dick breath’s head up and down to the beat of “Back in the Saddle Again” by Aerosmith.

Tiny Sissy Dick

The little 5’4″ sissy with the 3″ tiny dick was shopping for lipstick today in makeup, sandals, and slutty short shorts, legs shaved and lotioned, in a Walgreens today. She was spotted by two girls who totally laughed and humiliated the sissy. Suddenly appears a real man with that ” I want a blowjob” look. Guess who steps up to the pink plate. Sissy Jay-Me. He slapped her ass into the back seat of the car with strict orders to give him the blowjob of his life.

The Quick Little Dick

Dickbreath was more than happy to cooperate. Needless to say , this call did not last very long. Dickbreath’s vision of sugar plum balls dangling over her mouth sent her spinning into sissy orgasmville. I always say with small penises, not much area to cover. The smaller the dick, it’s gonna be quick.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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9 comments to Dick Breath Jay-Me Is A Back Seat Betty

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    Oh Mistress Cassandra- it is so gratifying to read your post about our conversation so soon after we talked.

    Who knows how big his cock is, but I saw how muscular his arms and chest are. Such a man.
    I can’t believe any man really has 10 inches. That’s so much bigger than any cock I’ve ever seen.

    I believe he was the boyfriend of one of the two girls who saw me picking out a lipstick at Walgreen.
    When they returned to the cosmetics aisle with him to show him me, he just stood staring at me and grinning.
    I don’t think I looked so unusual. Yes, I had short shorts on, but not slutty looking. It’s been very hot and humid so I dress comfortably. Of course my legs are smooth, with a slight glow because I always moisturize after shaving.
    Sleeveless top. A slight heel for my sandals since I’m so short.
    I wore some makeup but not a lot, mostly eyes. No foundation because it’s so hot.
    I needed to buy a lipstick because the one I had worn I left in a hot car all day and it melted!

    Even with heels he was a good head taller than me. I still can’t forget how powerful his arms appeared.
    If he was the boyfriend of one of the girls I bet they loved his arms holding them.

    So your words triggered my little sissy-gasm in part because as I listened to your voice
    I treated my lips to my new pink lipstick, and whenever I do my lips my little dicklette responds.

    Once I got home my mother noticed I had a new lipstick, she always does.

    So thanks for including me in your blog. Next time we talk maybe Mistress Hunter can join our conversation.


  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    Really, other than in porn, has any woman really been confronted by a man with 10 inches?

  • Hunter

    Oh, I love it, Ms. Cassandra. Back in the Saddle Again is such a perfect song to accompany dickbreath, too!

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