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Cum Eating Humiliation

High Heel Brace

This little humiliation is cum under my shoe, a shoe that provided a brace to hold your little dick down as the cum feast dribbled out of your pathetically small penis. Can you imagine that? Not even a plate.

Cum Recipes

How to eat that load is mostly the whim of Mistress, she will tell you how to do it. Instead of relish on your hot dog, cum. Instead of whipped cream, cum on your hot cum sundae. Cum on the rocks with a splash of rum. We call that a “Rum Cum Yum”. Cum Pao Chicken, Spare ribs with cum sauce. Pancakes with maple cum syrup. Cum Cake and whipped cum cream. Ok you get the picture.

Cum Eating Passion

The most cum eating humiliation for you is to actually cook the specialty and taste test it as you go along adding this and that. Frozen stored up cum from the freezer will be in order. All of this, of course will be on video for the world to see a most humiliated little submissive male doing as he is told.

Plenty of leftovers of course, enough made for the rest of the week for a loser to watch those calories and go on complete orgasm denial.

List in comments, your recipes of the week!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


4 comments to Cum Eating Humiliation

  • D

    I would like to try cum pancakes. Have wanted to just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    Cum recipes… Anything saucy that cum can be added to or replaced with cum whether its prepared with cum before or during is good.
    During or added to: Cum S’more. Cum on as it is being put together. I’ll bet my cum would squeeze and drip out with each bite.
    Prepared with cum before then added or dolloped onto the eggs: Deviled Cum Eggs. Isn’t the word deviled just perfect for cum eating humiliation Mistress?
    I have cum on jello and eaten it for Mistress Hunter recently and others before but not when I made it.
    I can imagine having to make it myself beforehand. When it goes into the fridge, wait until it just starts to firm up but is still somewhat fluid. Jack-off into it so my cum is suspended or marbled in the jello. Finish waiting then call and eat it live on cam.

    I certainly would freeze and save cum for any recipe you requested.
    The thrill and humiliation is doing it live on cam of course.

    I really am a cum eating slut!
    Isn’t that right Mistress Cassandra?

  • D

    …Or how about Cumpkin pie?

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