Get A GOOD Toupe At Least?

I’ll never forget this dentist I had who wore a toupe. It’s like, just go bald and at least shave your head? Don’t you have any pride? On “top of that”, he had an accent from somewhere in Transylvania…uhhh ok. So with this example, I would come to the appointment and stare at his head. This was the faculty dentists, so they would change guards often. This one begged for the most humiliation. At any rate, yes. I would stare at his head while being greeted, in the torture chair, and as I left. Just because this is me. I do these things.

Rugs That Fall From Grace

The reason why this post is up is because I went to a kinky play party the other night and a Mistress had a slave up on a St Andrew’s cross giving him some CBT and other delights. She then imparted a bit of electroplay which made his body shudder. As his body shuddered, his head fell forward and his wig fell of. Bald as a cue ball. Every Mistress in the audience gasped and humiliated the poor boy.

Look At The Bright Side: Bald With A Bigger Dick

Yes so it’s not your fault that you drank too much plastic bottled water which fucked with your hormones, or you are simply genetically inclined that you are bald and wished you had a full head of hair. Look at the bright side. A head full of hair can also mean a small cock and a low sex drive. So choose it. A small cock and a head full of hair, or a regular sized dick and a bald head. You can always wear a toupe. Just don’t forget that supply of glue!

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