That’s the breaks…not for you, ever. I would never waste time with a boy like you. Anyways, I usually blog on Mondays but missed the mark yesterday and for good reason. 3 fucktards showed , actually 4…in fact, they are an endless parade. Dum Dum wins above and beyond.

Such A Fucktard

Dum Dum is such a depraved sissy loser on cam with his black sheer panties without a brain. The loser lives at home because he’s such a wimp to go out into the real world. I can barely hear him , and he’s ugly as sin even if he is wearing a chain and collar. He is so ugly that I make him turn his back so I don’t have to see his drooly mouth. Sometimes he doesn’t show up because he gets called out to do something at home. Yes a cum eater and this ┬ámention will continue on other posts.

Fucktard Runners Up

Who gets the honorable mentions? Fuckie fag boi for extreme fantasies. Panty paulla for a good cam show and panty collection, sissy vanessa humiliation junkie, and blow job duty boy for most outrageous whether it’s true or not!

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