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Chastity Slave’s Crushed Ego

 A man in a chastity cage:  What’s so humiliating about it? Everything! His ego is stripped down, and his cock no longer belongs to him. A Mistress will make it known to everyone that he is bound up in a metal chastity cage. She will display the key around her neck on a sparkly silver chain and fondle it possessively. Gone are the free range days, gone are the sneaking orgasms while viewing pornography. Gone is the freedom of just a few strokes here and there.

Cock Inspection Day

The inspection days are most humiliating when the cage has to come off to examine the superficial health of the cock, and he is denied an orgasm. Sometimes he is allowed to tease her cock upon demand, edging to her satisfaction. Sometimes it is just a simple examination with nothing else.

Cock Surveillance

With chastity humiliation, video cameras are set up in the living space, in case he feels the overwhelming desire to cheat with the head of and eraser or a pinky finger. Sometimes he may try to slip out of the cage if it is loose. The video cameras are most important in the shower where most wanking and cheating takes place. Not on your life!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164