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House of Human Furniture

Do you have what it takes?

Ms. Cassandra and I are looking to fill a house full of human furniture.  The furniture, of course, will be made up by losers like you.  Losers who aren’t worth our time of day but are desperate for some sort of attention from us, even it is . . . → Read More: House of Human Furniture

Mistress’ Pet on a Leash

Collar for Mistress’ Pet

Obviously, you know your place.  You know what a privilege it would be for Mistress to make you her pet.  Maybe one day, if you play your cards right, you might get that privilege.

Naked and Vulnerable

First and foremost, you’ll be stripped naked.  All slaves must be naked . . . → Read More: Mistress’ Pet on a Leash

Ashtray Utility Humiliation

Hello Ashtray

There is something sexy about a dominant woman who blows smoke in your face and makes use of your mouth as an ashtray receptacle. Billowing smoke as a screen siren makes many a boy hard and crawling.

I have more harsh visions of a utility penis gag with an ashtray attachment. . . . → Read More: Ashtray Utility Humiliation