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Bitch Mistress Humiliation

Bitch Mistress Humiliation: It’s a Standard

Bitch Mistress humiliation is nothing new on my resume, so why write about it? Just recently I received a call from a boy who wanted a real bitch, and the call was dispatched to me. Excellent, except he was not clear to the dispatcher. What he really wanted . . . → Read More: Bitch Mistress Humiliation

No Masturbation May For You

Do Not Touch

This is Masturbation May, but not for you. If you landed on this site, I have the pleasure to introduce to you Masturbation Denial May. Why? Cuz I say so, and if you grovel and crawl hard enough, I may allow you three little edges, maybe.

Chastity Time

I think . . . → Read More: No Masturbation May For You

What Is Humiliation To Mistress Cassandra?

Disguises and Punishments for Dum-Dums

Types of Humiliation

This post goes into what I dish out in my programs. There are many forms of humiliation fantasies. There are many boys dialing for humiliation, and the fantasies vary from boy to boy even if the fantasy is of the same genre.

* small penis . . . → Read More: What Is Humiliation To Mistress Cassandra?