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A Little Cuckold Fun

Because Of Your Little Cock

I do mean little….very little. Your little cock. Small penis humiliation is secondary to the cuckold you are. I named this post in honor of how fun it is to humiliate a cuckold such as yourself, and you do appreciate that don’t you.

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stan the Humiliated Cuckold

I had a call the other day from a humiliated cuckold; a pathetic wimp named stan.  stan was upset because, apparently, he was the last to know that he was a cuckold.  That’s not to say there weren’t dozens of signs, right from the beginning, that he would end up a humiliated cuckold; there . . . → Read More: stan the Humiliated Cuckold

Humiliation Slut Job Titles

Hear Me read this post

In the past I’ve talked about you being My spring cleaning slave.  Here are some other jobs fitting of losers like you.  Not far from where I live there is a place where farmers take their bulls to breed them and, though the titles are different, these . . . → Read More: Humiliation Slut Job Titles

Tiny Dick Cuckold Humiliated at the Office Party

Humiliation Mistress Hunter 800-601-6975

Lester had a small penis, and his wife cuckolded him because of it.  He didn’t think his friends and coworkers knew that, though.  He’d never said anything about it to them and he was sure his wife hadn’t, as she barely knew any of them.

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