Bitch Mistress Humiliation: It’s a Standard

Bitch Mistress humiliation is nothing new on my resume, so why write about it? Just recently I received a call from a boy who wanted a real bitch, and the call was dispatched to me. Excellent, except he was not clear to the dispatcher. What he really wanted was a Mistress he could rant on and call a “fucking bitch.” Nope, that did not fly with me, as it would not fly with any other lady in this company. So, be very clear to the dispatcher what you really want. This is a Femdom company, and we are not submissive. This was out and out abuse, actually.

Bitch Mistress Humiliation: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Categorical Bitchiness

About bitch mistress humiliation though, yes it’s quite fun to use all categories of humiliation on a boy which can run the gamut of just about everything. Small cock humiliation is high on the list, second to that is cuckold humiliation, then sissy bitches, bi cock sucking, cock control is last on the list because a guy stroking his cock is pretty normal unless he is ordered to ruin his orgasm. Being just a bitch mistress is boring. It needs meat.

No Yelling Bitch

A bitch mistress will not yell unless she is into yelling and needs to get out anger. Not here. I do not lose control, and I do not lose power. Neither does Mistress Hunter. She is very controlled and very much in charge. You will not push our buttons.

Two Bitch Call

Ms. Hunter and I have worked together often, dishing out strict humiliation training. It’s time for you to make an appointment with us for a two Mistress phone sex I don’t know how much phone sex you will receive. Chances are you will be teased and denied.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164