Any Excuse To Humiliate Bildo

Give me any excuse to blog about humiliation and I will. This cannot be contained….bildo, Ms Hunter, Ms Cassandra. Imagine that trio. Imagine bildo on Skype stuffing his little sissy butt with a butt plug because he was ordered to. It’s the next best thing to a strap on. Imagine a pink homemade dunce cap captioned dunce. Imagine the metal chastity cage on the smallest penis in creation.

Pain Toys

Clothespins, the wooden kind, in a symmetrical arc on those balls. We love CBT. Three plastic clamps on each nipple. We love nipple torture. A wooden bath brush, the perfect utility for ass spanking, just amazing enough to make both cheeks red and roughed up. All wrapped up in pictures that Ms Hunter took that I wished we could show. The spectacular bildo, looking very photogenic and dramatic. His cock locked and not let free. In the cage, orgasm denied without one little edge. He is not trusted enough with orgasm edging. No way. As requested, strict humiliation. He definitely got it.

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