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Big Dick Humiliation

Big Dick Humiliation

Yep, believe it or not. Big dick humiliation. How can that be? It is absolutely possible that a Femdom finds your dick a bit too big and your brain a little too small.Possibly you have a freakish cock, often wishing you had a small cock instead. Do not wish for that. At least your cock can be used in porno movies.

No Brain All Dick

This is how I would do it, insulting your unmanageable cock with insulting your intelligence. If your brain would only be as big as your cock you would understand all of my demands. As it stands, I have no other choice but to loan you out to a freak show, or better yet, pimp you out to not so pretty rich women.

Knocked Down A Few

Your dick has been around so much, we Femdom are bored with your ego, and need to be knocked down a few notches. So what we will do is use you for a little carnival attraction, complete with tent. In the back dressing room will be sissy clothes and “bring you down a notch” strap on harnesses for the special clients.

Make Yourself Useful!

Of course we would have a bukkake cum eating show for the male attendees. You would be humiliated over and over again of your over endowment. By the time we are finished with you, you will never be arrogant of that big cock again. And remember with a big cock, CBT toys are twice as painful. Big dick humiliation is in your future with Ms Hunter and me.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


4 comments to Big Dick Humiliation

  • tiny tim

    Hi Mistress Cassandra, I do like this post even though i have the exact opposite of a big dick as mine is a micro dick. I like the idea of a cum bukkake show and cleaning up after several men. As i think that men wont show any mercy on another lesser male. They might even cum extra.

    • Mistress Cassandra

      Yes tiny tim, the notion of big dick humiliation is novel, mostly focusing on the low intelligence of big dicked males!

  • tiny tim

    One of these days I have to call both Mistress Cassandra and Empress Hunter for a session as I love to be totally degraded.

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