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Ball Humiliation With Clothespins

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Bildo Or Bumbling Bill

I just love ball decoration with a humiliation slut. Ms Hunter and I had a great time watching “bill trainee”, who will have a new name as soon as we give it attention. I would like to name him “bildo” because of his love of butt plugs and dildos, but Ms Hunter and I need to take a vote which he has no say in.

On His Knees On Skype

Today he called in, and we viewed him on Skype as he was on his knees. Before all, we discussed chastity cages. Since he bikes every day, we decided he should be in a Bon 4 silicon for comfort, and then perhaps a mature metal for “formal occasions”. The pretty red lock today says 743303. First and foremost, he is a chastity slave with a delightful mix of sissy bitch, pain slut, and CBT enthusiast. Ms Hunter thought we would do a little promo soon and she likes the name “bumbling bill” lol.

The Slut Likes Clothespins

Today Bildo’s balls were decorated with clothespins making the perfect CBT necklace. It almost looked like a keyboard, so we ordered him to play it with the ruler. He had two large plastic clamps on his nipples. Before we ran out of time we ordered him into his chastity cage being totally orgasm denied, and no information whatsoever as to when he will cum.

Bumbling bill is just about as fun as they come, being a complete humiliation grab bag…..and yes he has a little dick.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


3 comments to Ball Humiliation With Clothespins

  • Bill

    Thank you, Mistresses Cassandra and Hunter, for humbling me with you whit and creative torments. It is said that pain is pleasure and it was a mutual pleasure to serve. Chastity is truly a pain that may be less for a min or two than CBT, but time is it’s frustrating slow torment. It was so frustrating and humiliating to be locked up and remain that way with lock 743303. Indeed, be careful what you ask for!

    • Mistress Cassandra

      Yes I came in to see if bildo finally came in to comment. Bildo has a problem with focus and discipline, all needed for a chastity slave.

  • Hunter

    I’m still waiting on bumbling bill to leave his comment, as instructed. Meanwhile, it seems, while bildo likes the idea of being in day chastity to please us, he apparently doesn’t have much desire for the practical application of it. I sure hope those affirmations help, or he may just flake out.

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