pink rumba panties

Pink Rumba Panties

Jen Lee Sissy Cocksucker Of The Week

Guess who called a few days ago? None other than “jen lee” calling for a sissy slut cocksucker call. I had the best time humiliating this little sissy, and she is all she says she is. A happy time getting and accepting humiliation amped to the max. This little sissy will do absolutely anything including crawling around the floor like a dog. I forgot to tell her to go to the leaderboard on my game site. Do it jen lee: and follow the directions to write phrases to Mistress on the virtual board.

King Of The Glory Hole

Blow job duty boy has earned a place on this blog for trying even harder to achieve 300 blowjobs in 2 weeks. It wrote:

“Last night I made progress- 34. I mentioned to the manager that you had me on a goal of 300. After he laughed his ass off he said he had an idea for last nights show. He arranged a blowbang- basically a blowjob gangbang where everybody in the audience was free to participate. 14 guys did. Add the 13 I did the rest of the night plus the 7 extra I did at the all-night bookstore and I hit 34. That’s 76 in three days.”

I told you you could do it slut! Now am I the bomb of a personal trainer?

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164