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Mush Mind Sissy Bimbo Enjoys Her Makeover

Feminizing A Sissy Slut

Mush mind, mush mind! I say when I hear her voice on the phone. Her phone sex fantasy is to come over when a few of my girlfriends are there for a total makeover. It’s either a cheerleader, a ballerina, a schoolgirl, but today it was a complete cock . . . → Read More: Mush Mind Sissy Bimbo Enjoys Her Makeover

Humiliation Slut Job Titles

Hear Me read this post

In the past I’ve talked about you being My spring cleaning slave. ┬áHere are some other jobs fitting of losers like you. ┬áNot far from where I live there is a place where farmers take their bulls to breed them and, though the titles are different, these . . . → Read More: Humiliation Slut Job Titles

Sin City Sissy

Sissy Cocksucker Report

The Cocksucker Pet

Guess who is finally going to suck cock for Mistress? None other than fuckie fag boi, and extra detail is on my blog. I sure wish I could come along for the ride. Did I tell you where this sissy slut will suck cock for me? In . . . → Read More: Sin City Sissy

Dick Breath Jay-Me Is A Back Seat Betty


Dickbreath Calls Again

I just had the ultimate humiliation call with DICKBREATH Jay-Me, who was given a nice description of her sissy head bobbing up and down in the back seat of a car. The host was a real man wearing a wife beater t-shirt. Well, yes, there was a . . . → Read More: Dick Breath Jay-Me Is A Back Seat Betty