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Spring Cleaning Slaves

With spring just around the corner, it is time to make sure my house is nice and clean.  This is where you come in.  Your job is to ensure every inch of the house is spic and span.

Just how are you going to do that?  Read on.

Laundry Slave

As laundry slave, you . . . → Read More: Spring Cleaning Slaves

Dum Dum Is Now Trench Mouth

Queen Of Denial

The Evolution Of A Sissy

Dum Dum went beyond sissy expectations by presenting me with a plunger and a bowl cleaner which he was ordered to use both. Since the company already has a “plunger boy”, “Trench Mouth” is in order. The slut’s designated place of humiliation perversion is in . . . → Read More: Dum Dum Is Now Trench Mouth

House of Human Furniture

Do you have what it takes?

Ms. Cassandra and I are looking to fill a house full of human furniture.  The furniture, of course, will be made up by losers like you.  Losers who aren’t worth our time of day but are desperate for some sort of attention from us, even it is . . . → Read More: House of Human Furniture

Worthless Crotch Sniffer Humiliated in Front of Friends

You’ve waited for this night for weeks- the chance to finally be my date at a party with friends.  You’re shocked I even asked you.  After all, it’s not like we are dating or anything.  You’re new in town and as a favor to a friend, I offered you a place to live for . . . → Read More: Worthless Crotch Sniffer Humiliated in Front of Friends

Congratulations To DumDum


That’s the breaks…not for you, ever. I would never waste time with a boy like you. Anyways, I usually blog on Mondays but missed the mark yesterday and for good reason. 3 fucktards showed , actually 4…in fact, they are an endless parade. Dum Dum wins above and beyond.

Such . . . → Read More: Congratulations To DumDum

Valentine’s Day Humiliation

Valentine’s Day Humiliation

So, it’s Valentine’s Day.  It’s not likely you’ve got a woman who can’t wait to spend it with you, so what are you going to do?

At first, it used to be humiliation enough to realize year after year that you are still alone and the chances of you finding . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Day Humiliation

Sissy Humiliation

Frilly Sissy Dress

You are NOT a real man.  You couldn’t be a real man if you wanted to.  You have a tiny dicklette, you are needy, whiny, and neurotic to the bone.  So why would we even pay any attention to you? Because it is entertaining to us to turn you into . . . → Read More: Sissy Humiliation

Coming Soon! Dunce of the Week

Fucktard Of The Week

Ms Hunter and I have been “interviewing” losers who love to be featured on our blog. Would you like to be dunce of the week? Arrange a call with both of us…that’s right dum dum, make an appointment and gear up. As I have a featured fucktard on my . . . → Read More: Coming Soon! Dunce of the Week

Strap-on Humiliation

As Ms. Cassandra mentioned in her last post, you’re a little… uh, short in the cock department.  That tiny toy you’re packing is certainly not going to satisfy any woman.

You don’t Have a Cock… but *I* Do

Since you don’t have anything big enough to get the job done, if anybody is going . . . → Read More: Strap-on Humiliation

Measure Your Cock


Tyeah….as I thought. Two inches hard, one half inch soft. all the more reason why you call me because you have to pay for female attention. Most of you sound like very nice boys, very submissive, sweet, and probably very good looking. The problem is, . . . → Read More: Measure Your Cock