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your Usefulness is about to Expire

Ms. Cassandra and I have already reassured you that you are not worth the energy or strain on our voices to yell at you.  We’ve also told you that we aren’t going to necessarily verbally bash you, especially if that is what you want.  It is, after all, NOT about you.  It is about . . . → Read More: your Usefulness is about to Expire

Splosh on Cam for Us

Humiliate yourself on Cam for Ms. Cassandra & Ms. Hunter

You want to masturbate for us.  You want to go on cam for us.  But why would we want to watch another pathetic loser with a puny pecker?  Losers like you are a dime a dozen.  So what are you going to do . . . → Read More: Splosh on Cam for Us

What Is Humiliation To Mistress Cassandra?

Disguises and Punishments for Dum-Dums

Types of Humiliation

This post goes into what I dish out in my programs. There are many forms of humiliation fantasies. There are many boys dialing for humiliation, and the fantasies vary from boy to boy even if the fantasy is of the same genre.

* small penis . . . → Read More: What Is Humiliation To Mistress Cassandra?

Mistress’ Pet on a Leash

Collar for Mistress’ Pet

Obviously, you know your place.  You know what a privilege it would be for Mistress to make you her pet.  Maybe one day, if you play your cards right, you might get that privilege.

Naked and Vulnerable

First and foremost, you’ll be stripped naked.  All slaves must be naked . . . → Read More: Mistress’ Pet on a Leash

Ashtray Utility Humiliation

Hello Ashtray

There is something sexy about a dominant woman who blows smoke in your face and makes use of your mouth as an ashtray receptacle. Billowing smoke as a screen siren makes many a boy hard and crawling.

I have more harsh visions of a utility penis gag with an ashtray attachment. . . . → Read More: Ashtray Utility Humiliation

Loser Affirmations

What a Loser you are!

You are not a real man.  You aspire to be a real man someday, but that is never going to happen.   You could NEVER be a real man, no matter how hard you try and it’s high time you are reminded of that!

Daily Mantra

Every morning . . . → Read More: Loser Affirmations

Do your Moobs Hang Low?

There are few things about a man I find more disgusting than man-boobs.  Those floppy, flabby, unsightly pockets of flesh sagging off your chest are hideous.  Real men have nice, hard, muscular chests, so right off the bat, it is clear that you aren’t a real man.  Of course, real men also have big . . . → Read More: Do your Moobs Hang Low?

A Sissy Is Not A Real Man


A sissy is a loser because no woman in her right mind would get involved with a panty wearing priss. That is unless she is a Mistress who wants to take advantage of all the fun humiliation training involved. A sissy is a lousy lay . . . → Read More: A Sissy Is Not A Real Man

Ms. Cassandra & Ms. Hunter Will Humiliate you!

Well, well, well.  Look at you.  Somehow, in all your patheticness, you’ve managed to find your way here.  And look at you- little dicky standing at attention at the thought of two beautiful, dominant women putting you in your place.

Make no mistake.  Our brand of humiliation is not sensual and subtle.  If that . . . → Read More: Ms. Cassandra & Ms. Hunter Will Humiliate you!