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Bitch Mistress Humiliation

Bitch Mistress Humiliation: It’s a Standard

Bitch Mistress humiliation is nothing new on my resume, so why write about it? Just recently I received a call from a boy who wanted a real bitch, and the call was dispatched to me. Excellent, except he was not clear to the dispatcher. What he really wanted was a Mistress he could rant on and call a “fucking bitch.” Nope, that did not fly with me, as it would not fly with any other lady in this company. So, be very clear to the dispatcher what you really want. This is a Femdom company, and we are not submissive. This was out and out abuse, actually.

Bitch Mistress Humiliation: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Categorical Bitchiness

About bitch mistress humiliation though, yes it’s quite fun to use all categories of humiliation on a boy which can run the gamut of just about everything. Small cock humiliation is high on the list, second to that is cuckold humiliation, then sissy bitches, bi cock sucking, cock control is last on the list because a guy stroking his cock is pretty normal unless he is ordered to ruin his orgasm. Being just a bitch mistress is boring. It needs meat.

No Yelling Bitch

A bitch mistress will not yell unless she is into yelling and needs to get out anger. Not here. I do not lose control, and I do not lose power. Neither does Mistress Hunter. She is very controlled and very much in charge. You will not push our buttons.

Two Bitch Call

Ms. Hunter and I have worked together often, dishing out strict humiliation training. It’s time for you to make an appointment with us for a two Mistress phone sex I don’t know how much phone sex you will receive. Chances are you will be teased and denied.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Spit Roasted Humiliation

The Demanding Demeanor Of A Spit Roasted Sissy

Spit roasted humiliation sluts have become very demanding with their faggy bi needs. It’s not enough with two Mistresses using the biggest and thickest strap on action for these little hungry cock whores, it has to be real cock. Then they will get it in phone sex fantasy and real add trolling reality.

Spit Roasted Humiliation: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Vulgar Is All I Can Say

There is nothing new with spit roasted sessions. Back when and still is, known as both ends pegging is more interesting with this name of course because it connotes vulgarity and a rose by any other name, after all. In this case there is nothing sweet about it, not at least the way I see it or would dish it out. The biggest and baddest dicks with a girlie boi “roaster” all dressed up in the most outrageous sissy clothes. Of course since the genre of spit roasting is named after roasting methods of meat, this sissy would of course eat his own cum along with the cum of others. If he is allowed to cum that is!

A Bukkake Roaster

Are you a “roaster” I like to call them if you are? Bukkake has it’s home in this humiliation genre. After a boy is spit roasted, there must be a grand finale after he is spent, and the skin on his lips is raw. When his roasted butt hole can take no more, he needs a dozen loads of cum covering his exhausted but sexually satisfied body.

It’s probably best to be completely naked at the event, but I would order a full on white frilly sissy dress to hallmark the mess, then a photo event for the most humiliating sissy memory. I’m sure it will never be forgotten!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800730-7164


Sploshing Humiliation Fun

Sploshing is Messy Humiliation

Sploshing is gaining cult status as the new genre of humiliation. What can be more humiliating than adding a food fetish to a bukkake humiliation session. A sissy called me with a whole menu of sploshing items. Food fetish is new to this boi, and the whole story is on my main blog.

Sploshing Humiliation Fun: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Sploshing Items Diversity

A disgusting collection of wet food, not disgusting on it’s own but in combination together such as chocolate cream pie and baked beans…yuck! Imagine that on your little penis, a wet mix of slippery and sticky food as Mistress orders you to jack your pathetic dick.

Sploshing Dexter Style

Sploshing is good on web cam to view the mess. One boy actually covered his floor and walls with plastic ala Dexter. More fun would be to order the humiliation submissive to tear down the sheets and clean the mess up by hand while Mistress watches on Skype. He can lick the mix while at it and flounder around on it like a beached whale for humiliation laughs.

Sploshing Fag Style

This is my big wish. To have two sploshers together on cam with an overhead splosh bucket ala Carrie. Upon my demand the bucket is released overhead to pour all over the fags. At this point they take a photo for me, and I order them to post it on Tumblr where it can be viewed all over the world. Then I get to see their private show of them splosh-fagging on the floor, as I genuinely laugh and order them to give me a coached bi fag show. Who will volunteer for this? Good question since most boys who call would love to suck cock but “just do not have the balls.”

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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Big Dick Humiliation

Big Dick Humiliation

Yep, believe it or not. Big dick humiliation. How can that be? It is absolutely possible that a Femdom finds your dick a bit too big and your brain a little too small.Possibly you have a freakish cock, often wishing you had a small cock instead. Do not wish for that. At least your cock can be used in porno movies.

No Brain All Dick

This is how I would do it, insulting your unmanageable cock with insulting your intelligence. If your brain would only be as big as your cock you would understand all of my demands. As it stands, I have no other choice but to loan you out to a freak show, or better yet, pimp you out to not so pretty rich women.

Knocked Down A Few

Your dick has been around so much, we Femdom are bored with your ego, and need to be knocked down a few notches. So what we will do is use you for a little carnival attraction, complete with tent. In the back dressing room will be sissy clothes and “bring you down a notch” strap on harnesses for the special clients.

Make Yourself Useful!

Of course we would have a bukkake cum eating show for the male attendees. You would be humiliated over and over again of your over endowment. By the time we are finished with you, you will never be arrogant of that big cock again. And remember with a big cock, CBT toys are twice as painful. Big dick humiliation is in your future with Ms Hunter and me.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Femdom Supremacy Humiliation

The Weaker Sex? YOU!

What is Femdom? What is Female Supremacy? Combine these two and you have a potent cocktail. Why am I more superior to you? I’ll tell you in a nutshell.

Indoor Plumbing

Women are biologically superior having our plumbing inside. You can never humiliate a woman by saying her vagina is too small like we humiliate a little dick. Actually a small penis is the marker of a more intelligent man, but who wants a small dick. Eons ago males destroyed the Goddess civilizations by using brawn and not brain. These days we have risen to be famous dominatrixes, and cuckoldresses. Why? Because you love our power and you pay for it. Women do not pay for sex because this is the power we have over you. Women are superior, plain and simple, and you like us mean. The meaner we are the harder your dick gets. Talk about cock control…your cock controls you.

Femdom Superiority

Ah Femdom, sweet femdom. Eventually, and it’s happening now everywhere, is FLR. Female led relationships. This is the sweet part of Femdom. Relationships have become very complex, BDSM is what I consider sophisticated sex. Dominatrixes have sprung up everywhere in the past decades, elevating the status to Femdom. Now we control your cock with chastity training because not only do we demand it, but because you need it. A Femdom is a superior dominant woman who enjoys with passion, controlling, dominating, and directing a submissive male‘s life to her satisfaction.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

No Masturbation May For You

Do Not Touch

This is Masturbation May, but not for you. If you landed on this site, I have the pleasure to introduce to you Masturbation Denial May. Why? Cuz I say so, and if you grovel and crawl hard enough, I may allow you three little edges, maybe.

Chastity Time

I think . . . → Read More: No Masturbation May For You

Bildo And The Dunce Cap

Any Excuse To Humiliate Bildo

Give me any excuse to blog about humiliation and I will. This cannot be contained….bildo, Ms Hunter, Ms Cassandra. Imagine that trio. Imagine bildo on Skype stuffing his little sissy butt with a butt plug because he was ordered to. It’s the next best thing to a strap . . . → Read More: Bildo And The Dunce Cap

Cum Eating Humiliation

High Heel Brace

This little humiliation is cum under my shoe, a shoe that provided a brace to hold your little dick down as the cum feast dribbled out of your pathetically small penis. Can you imagine that? Not even a plate.

Cum Recipes

How to eat that load is mostly the whim . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Humiliation

Ass Boy On Cam…Wam Bam Thank You Maam…..

Queen Of De Nile

Sissy Stripper

Hey ass boy…here it is your humiliation outing as said I would, not promised. Cam show last night to Blue Danube Waltz, yes ass boy was waltzing his ass with 4 different dildos with the goal of eating his cum off of the biggest and the blackest. . . . → Read More: Ass Boy On Cam…Wam Bam Thank You Maam…..

Bildo Disciplined and Chastised

Ms. Cassandra and I had to discipline a chastity slave yesterday.  You may remember Bumbling Bildo, the humiliation and pain slut from our previous posts.  Bildo is supposed to lock himself in chastity every morning but has to remove the chastity device before going home to his wife in the evening.

Bildo told us . . . → Read More: Bildo Disciplined and Chastised